Sunday, October 5, 2008

Good Afternoon from sunny California! Rob and I had to go out to buy a new battery for the Explorer. He wouldn't believe me the other day when I told him we needed a new one. He said we just needed new connector ends for the cables. He charged the battery for a day, added water to the cells, took it out this morning for a spin. All good except when he parked it and tried to start it again. I hate always being right ;)

Yesterday it drizzled, rained, drizzled all day. Kind of unusual for this early in the year. The sun is shining again today as I write this. Oh! How I love the California coast. I tried the mountains for about 3 months earlier this year as AOL journalers will remember. It was cold and miserable for two months, almost tolerable for the next month and I left before it got hotter than hades. My daughters and family suffered up to 117 degree heat for most of the summer. Now it is cooling down again and has been raining for three days up there. UGH! I am so happy to be home.

During the the drizzle and rain yesterday, we let mom and puppies come in. They love the outside, but they are all so small that cold weather and rain could make them sick. Of course the puppies were too ignorant to get out of the rain, even when their mama barked at them to get in the dog house. Precious (mama) won't go out in the rain, drizzle or what have you until she absolutely has to go potty. The old lady (14) refuses to come inside at all, but is wise enough to stay in the dog house. I enjoyed playing with Precious and her pups. Precious always comes in for prayer. If we start without her, she cries. She sits very quietly next to me and seems to understand that this is a special time for us. We call her our "praying pup".

A couple of people have asked me about my son John Scalzi, who was our journal "guru" for some time on AOL. His latest book "Zoe's Tale" came out around the first of August. He and his wife and daughter are doing just fine. You can find him at: His adventures are there, however he may be setting up a second blog for personal entries. If so, you can find it at Whatever.

I hope to be blogging more regularly than I was at AOL. I get lazy sometimes, but since so many of us are going to be here now, I hope to suit up and show up, as it were, to this new journal. I hope that any of you that find me here will post a comment so I may find out your new home as well.

Blessings, Penny


just me said...

We had a lot of rain yesterday AM for our area. We needed it. It cleared off and we were able to enjoy our day at the fair.

Jeannette said...

It poured all day here, nonstop with very strong winds and black skies. Tonight it is very cold

Do drop by and visit me at

Joyce said...

My only time in California was when I was in the Air Force and stationed at Travis AFB in Fairfield. Of course, I did as much sightseeing as I could while there and it is a facinating state. I didn't like the, almost daily mild tremor's though. Enjoy your evening.
Hugs, Joyce

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

It actually was nice here today in western Pa. You never know this time of year. I'm also going to pay more attention to my journal now. I was really sliding the past year and not keeping up with making entries or reading as many journals as I should have. I guess this is a new beginning in many ways. Hugs to you...

Robin said...

I love a nice rainy day!

D said...

It's been sunny here but really chilly. Glad to see you're here and going to be around more :)

a corgi said...

glad to hear your son is doing well Penny!! also glad to hear you will be posting more regularly here :)

we moved inland from the coast a few months ago; I like the area better as far as the people go, but I do miss those cool ocean breezes :)


Kathy said...

I am kind of enjoying our new diggs. I'm still learning the place but I think it will turn out great.

Cute story about the dog coming in for prayer!


Carolyn said...

Hi Penny! I'm glad you like where you are. I've never been to California- the farthest west I've been is St. Louis, or Brownsville Texas which ever is more out there! It's rained a lot here too still, but I imagine in a couple ofmonths, we'll be praying for rain again! God Bless and be well! Love Carolyn

baldy said...

I am new to Google Blogger.
It is great to learn that John is your Son. He has been a help to many of us on AOL.
Our LORD is continuing to Bless us. sam

Cathy said...

Hiya Penny, things look very comfy here, and kudos to John for his book. No rain here in NJ but it's early yet lol. Follow me, follow you.

Betty said...

Your weather sounds great to me... (but of course we haven´t had rain in 7 months :=))
Welcome to the blogging community! It is a great bunch of people and as I wrote yesterday, they inspire you to do better!
Thanks for the kind comment. I was so happy to finally meet another blogger who is my age. So, I added you to my blogroll. I hope that ok.
Have a great weekend!

baldy said...

Hi Penny,
Thanks for commenting. I was not certain if my blogs were out there for reading.
So much to learn, plenty of time though to try.
I went to California once after World War 2 to make my fortune.
However, being an Okie at that time, became Homesick and returned to those Blackjack Hills that have a covering of flintrocks.
Some of my memories are in stories on the AOL Journal,
My wife Mary Jane died in 1996 we would have been married 50 years in August when she died in April.
Mary Jane was an active child in Elementary School and in the same Home Room with her a couple of years.
In my Archives are some interesting stories of Mary Jane.
I am trying to learn how to have my AOL entries transferred to Google. The entries are extensive.
I like your blogs and intend to keep up to date with them. sam

Bea said...

I hope to write more often as well. Weather here in NC is beautiful early fall... leaves beginning to turn, temps are pleasantly cool. I will see you around. It's good to be together again! bea

Honey Mommy said...

We actually had SNOW today. Maybe I should come visit the coast!

Pamela said...

We've had wonderful weather here the last couple of days. The heat is finally letting up. Nice cool breezes. I do hope you post more often. Have a good week!