Monday, December 15, 2008

Last night, Andrea called. I love when she calls. I answer and hear a very cheery "Hi, Mommy!" She's going to be 15 in March, yet she holds on to that little girl in so many of her ways. She lives with her older sister and family on top of a mountain called Dun Moodie (sp). The first thing Andrea said was . . ."it's snowing~we have about 8 inches" We talked then about school, it's finals week, and her friends. I worry about them this year because Heather and Jason have decided to build a home on his property there. So far, they have a nice warm school bus for the kids, a 5th wheel (too crazily cold) and the use of a small cabin. the foundation will probably be laid in the spring. UGH!

Heather just called. She sent this picture of Andrea and Zach. It snowed all night ~ last measurement was 17" but they are going out to measure again. That's Jason's truck next to Andrea. Don't people usually take such pictures when they go visit the snow? And they wanted me up on that mountain with them. No way. However they will now have a white Christmas. Lovely to look at, God's beauty unfolds, Oh! How they love it, For me it's too cold.

For those of you who live with snow year after year . . . I get it. It's home for you. I grew up in Southern California. The snow we see here for the most part is in higher elevations and only during ski season. It is wonderful to see the peaks shimmering with white. I don't go there anymore. Snow hurts my body.

I had another thing to post today . . . maybe later. Until then, I love you all and keep you in my prayers,


Chris/cacklinrosie101 said... happy they look with all that snow. Ugh...we don't usually get quite that much in western Pa..praise the Lord. I've lived here all my life but hate the cold weather more and more each year. Snow is pretty to look at but that's about it. Kids seems to love it, though. Blessings to you...hugs

Ben said...

Tell them to enjoy that snow now before they're grown up and have to shovel it.

Enjoy your holidays!


sober white women said...

We did not get an snow but we are hammered by rain! I love the pictures.

D said...

glad they enjoy the snow... better them then me :)
thanks for sharing