Saturday, September 22, 2012

A New Joy

I felt like a whale. Probably looked like one too.  I was only 18 years old, married and living in Honolulu, HI where my Navy husband was stationed.  We had narrowed the baby names down to just two.  I wanted a little boy, but I woke up that morning knowing that she was a girl. I wasn't disappointed.  I had held her spirit inside me for nearly 9 months.

We were having a late dinner with our friends when the first pain hit. Back then you were to stop eating as soon you felt a contraction, but it was pork chops, mashed taters and corn and I wasn't going to miss it.

Every 5 minutes from the start, she worked her way toward the new world.  As soon as my supper was finished, I went to take a shower.  New daddy kept telling me that it wasn't 5 minutes anymore so I should hurry.  She really wanted to meet her parents face to face.

At the hospital I was taken down a dark hallway to my "room"  There was minimal light and I felt isolated. In a few minutes I clapped my hand on the service bell and told them it was time, but they said no.  A lot they knew!  I called them back and they asked me just to be calm.  They were a long way away when the urgency hit.  I couldn't reach the bell so I screamed for them to come.  Less than 2 minutes later we were in the delivery room, 90 minutes from the first contractions.

Heather and I worked together and the doctor barely got his hands washed in time to catch.  Here she is!! She's beautiful!  She has a dimple and bright blue eyes.  She rolled over in the nursery just 45 minutes after she appeared.

As I have been writing this I have been remembering all the little details of that day; too many to relate here. Precious moments as clear in my head today as they were that night 45 years ago.

A blessed and Happy Birthday to you, Heather!!  I love you.