Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flu and them some

I can't believe I got the flu! What in the world are flu shots for? Last Sunday, I was insisting it was allergies. I never get the flu. By Monday night, I was overwhelmed. Goodness gracious - or as Mom used to say - goodness gracious godness agnes! Did you get the flu this year? I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

After writing my last post, I searched a bit more for my step-family. Thanks for all the suggestions. I still hit dead-ends. I got discouraged and gave up. I figured I could at least find ONE of his 4 children or his ex-wife. Their names showed up . . . nothing current. Then a few days ago, my grandson Doug calls.

"Grandma? Chris passed away."

Chris was my late husband's firstborn. He had a lot of problems. He gave the world 3 wonderful children. He died from a blood clot to the lung. He'd been treated for clots in his leg, but couldn't afford the blood thinning medication to save his life. He died alone and unknown. By a fluke the coroner managed to find Chris's oldest son Andrew. I had looked for him, too.

I hadn't spoken to Andrew for many years. He came to visit on the year anniversary of his grandfather's death. I was ill and not much help to a young man looking for answers. We kept in touch for a little while then he seemed to disappear. He called. He's married now and in the military. He and his wife have a 7 month old son. Can you say great-grandma? The joy of reconnecting with him is a bit tainted by his father's death. Andrew has taken the responsibility for the arrangements. He wants to find his other grandmother and his aunt and uncles. He believes as I do that the family would want to know.

I wonder why people disappear like that? I would never have found Chris or Andrew. Andrew changed his last name. I try to keep myself out there just in case. Say my dear friend from high school wants to find me. I'm out there with my maiden name and current name. I guess it's hard for me to understand. Are some of you out there being anonymous and unfound? Can you explain to me? I really want to know. Then perhaps I will be more clear.

I wanted to put a picture of my new great grandson here, but I forgot to get permission from them. Their myspace page is set to private and I don't want to violate their trust. Maybe next time.

It's been raining here. Finally. I doubt that this 2 - 3 days of rain will make a difference in the California drought, but it's a start. I really like the rain. Everything seems new and clean when the sun comes out. Little birdies in the nearby trees sing incessantly. Sunshine makes everything sparkle. Just beautiful. I see God's hand everywhere in creation. And some people think it was all a big bang. I wonder what sound was made when God created the heavens and the earth? BANG!!!??? I wonder if it suddenly rained stars and suns and planets as we see drops of rain today?

Rob is making me Sunday brunch. I love this man! His first thought after Jesus is me. I've been cooking more lately, but it makes me feel so very special when he caters to me. I know he is commanded in the Bible to love me ("Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her . . ." Eph 5:25), but that doesn't always happen. I know ~ I've been married a few times. I am so grateful to have had this kind of love not once but twice. Cool, huh?

Even though I don't post as often lately, I still think of you often. I read blogs and sometimes comment, but find myself "lurking" more often than not. I pray for each of you and for all of you. Blessings to all in Christ,


Coelha :B said...

I'm glad you were able to re-connect with your step-son. I know what you mean about feeling blessed by your husband. My first husband is NOTHING like my current husband. I appreciate him so much because I remember how hard life was with my first marriage. I thank God everyday! Julie :)

friedmsw said...

There are so many strains of the flu that the flu shot never covers them all. Last year was terrible for the hospital employees. It is pretty much a requirement that the employees get the flu shot. However, last year there were several (including me) who had the flu. I am glad that you have been getting some rain. Like you said-it is a start.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

God is so amazing with the way He works things out for us. Through a death, you've reconnected with a loved one. I often wonder also how people just disappear.

Sure hope you feel better soon. I can't tell you how many I've heard have gotten flu this year even after getting a flu shot. Hugs to you...

Pamela said...

I hope you are feeling better by now. Try and get some rest.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Penny,
I hardly ever get sick either but I caught some Flu bug that sunk into my chest, throat and sinuses/ head. I am worried about pneumonia. Even the farmer's big, strong Ox will get sick and die some day.
I would like you to email me sometime.

Tom S

ADB said...

Sorry to hear the flu got you after all, Penny. Am sad to hear of the loss in your family; I hope that it will lead to a reconnection in your family circles.


Lisa said...

I hope you feel better soon Penny. So nice your husband is making you brunch... I am sorry to hear about the loss of a family member. Hang in there and hope that flu passes soon. A new grandson... what a joy.... looking forward to pictures!!!!
Lisa in KY

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny. Thanks for finding my blog on blogger. You wrote me many insightful emails when I blogged on AOL about my Dad. I am sorry for all you mentioned Rob is going thru.
Reconnecting with your step-son is a gift.
A few of Dad's (very elderly) friends have the flu & I have been trying to make sure they have what they need. Life can be a bit of an unscalable wall when you are THAT sick & still need to take care of the every day things. I hope you are a bit better by now. ~Mary

Cathy said...

Just what you need - rain with the flu. I know you'll make the most of things though, you always do Penny. No more AOL eh? I was thinking along those lines too. Love the music when clickong on.

Lippy said...

Hi there,
First I'm happy to see you feeling better. This was an intriguing entry, and I often wonder how and why people choose to disconnect. I would guess there are way too many reasons than can be put into any category.

Good to see you.